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Hope this helps - install

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Hope this helps - install
I was having many problems with the install of MySQLMan. After about 3 pots of coffee, late hours and crossed eyes from reading through the forums for many hours I have it working. I want to give a few suggestions to help other out that may avoid everything but the coffee.

1. Make sure you have the correct paths in the cfg file.

2. Make sure you check the spelling of your files (the files in GT are case sensative)

3. Make sure you have all the files uploaded and permissions set per the instructions.

4. Make sure your ISP has given you FILE permissions on your database.

I hope this helps some of you out. I found that the first problems I ran into were with files being uploaded in lower case...then I ran into problems with the "EXACT" path. My final problems were solved with the file permissions and my ISP. Maybe you won't have to search the forums as long as I did with this small check list Wink
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