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Error 500

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Error 500
After install mysqlman I always get a error 500
script is chmod 755
dir's are chmod 755
path is /home/.../.../cgi-bin/mysqlman/
can't fix the error :-(

anyone any idea ?

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Re: Error 500 In reply to
Check the syntax of the file:


perl -c mysql.cgi

Then post the exact ERROR message you received.

Also, try adding:


use lib '/home/.../cgi-bin/mysqlman';

at the top of the mysql.cgi file.

Also, double check the PERL PATH in the first line of the mysql.cgi file.

Also, if your server does not have Perl 5.00503 or higher installed, then the script won't work. If you are using a lower version of Perl, ask your hosting company to upgrade their Perl package or switch hosting companies that do offer Perl 5.00503.


Eliot Lee