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Hi guys,

I am trying to install MySQLMan in a W2k Server.
After doing everything, it says it cannot locate DBD::mysql in @INC

I go to ppm and put "install DBD-mysql
It says it is already installed and
It installs dbd-mysqlPP

I have downloaded the DBD-mysql that a few people entioned in prevoius posts, but my question is...

Where do I put this file so when running ppm I can install it? I tried in several locations and it cannot find it...

Would anyone be so kind and take me step by step on how to do this?

Thanks a lot in advance


Leopoldo Innecco
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Re: [Innecco] DBD-mysql In reply to
It's available from http://ppm.activestate.com for 5.6.1 but not for 5.8.0 versions of ActivePerl.

(Actually, there is a version for 5.8.0 provided by another site, but it doesn't seem to install correctly.)

There are so few ppm modules available for version 5.8.0 that I uninstalled it and reinstalled 5.6.1 again. Until the situation changes, I'd advise you to stick to 5.6.1 if you have the option.

Once you have the correct .zip file, unpack it somewhere away from wherever Perl is, then open a DOS window, navigate to the directory where you unpacked it and type:

ppm install DBD-MySQL.ppd

This will work as long as the ppm file is in the same directory as Perl (where it is put by default) and you have added the location of Perl to your Windows path.

Read the HTML docs if you're not sure how to do that.

Once it's installed, you can safely delete the directory where you unpacked the files to, as ppm creates new ones in the right places.