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Can't Log In

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Can't Log In
I jus't can't make it.

Without Direct_connect:

direct_connect => '0',
direct_db => 'mysql',
direct_host => 'localhost',
direct_port => '',
direct_user => 'root',
direct_pass => '',

I tried:
:: localhost/user/pwd ::

All i get:

Permission to perform action denied!
MySQL Said: Access denied for user: 'test@localhost' (Using password: YES)
Please enter your user name and password

So, i tried to use direct_connect

direct_connect => 1,
direct_db => 'mysql',
direct_host => 'localhost',
direct_port => '',
direct_user => 'test',
direct_pass => 'test',

And i get the same message asking to do the login.

Do i have to create a user at mysql, anything like this?

Sometime when i try to log i also get:

Login failed. Please enter another hostname/username/password

Any help? Thanks,

Carlo Falci

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Re: Can't Log In In reply to
Looks like you are not using the correct username and password. I would highly doubt that you would set 'test' for your MySQL username and password.


Eliot Lee