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Auto set the current path

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Auto set the current path
I found that auto set, at the top of mysql.cfg, didn't work for me (FreeBSD/Apache/Perl5.5). I had to change to the following

# Auto Set the current path.
use vars qw/$script_path/;
# $0 =~ m,(.*?)[^/\\]+$, ? ($script_path = $1) : ($script_path = '.');

$script_path = "/u/www/virtual/w1/cgi-bin/mysqlman";

Also, is it possible to delete individual records?



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Re: Auto set the current path In reply to
Yes, you can edit/delete individual record in MySQLMan. It can be done when you do a browse or a select/search. However, you will need a primary key in the table for the actions to be available.


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Installation Problem In reply to
Hi guys. After a day of frustration trying to figure out why I couldn't get mysqlman to work, I decided to post a question, but I saw the post about setting the path and wa-la, my problem is now solved. I commented out the auto-set $script_path and set it and now the program at least comes up.

Here is my system:

Linux host.gxhosting.net 2.2.13 #2 Wed Jan 26 13:44:49 EST 2000 i686 unknown

and here is what I did:


Good luck.

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Re: Installation Problem In reply to
Auto set type variables are OS dependent, and may depend on how your ISP configured virtual settings and how your browser reports what it's asking for, etc. You can't depend on them.

It's always better to change the hard location in scripts if you can, especially for things that give essentially "root" access to important parts of your server.

If it works, that's great! On your own machine, it may never change. On an ISP's virtual server, it may work one day, and not the next.

This program is a great tool, isn't it?? Rumor has it it will be incorporated into the new version of links and be integrated into most GT SQL-based programs as a plug-in.

FAQ: http://www.postcards.com/FAQ/LinkSQL/