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Purpose of GComm

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Purpose of GComm
Right now, we are just experimenting with GComm -- producing a demo for a non-profit client.

We have set it up to work with DBmanSQL.

We like what we see, but we have one concern about the purpose of GComm, which perhaps GT people could elucidate.

If users log in to DBManSQL, they are taken to GComm, then returned to DBManSQL, as expected.

However, if users start at GComm, the system fails. They can't authenticate themselves in GComm, then expect to be recognized by the applications. They have to login again.

What we were hoping for is something like this ...
1. User logs in to our website via GComm.
2. User is then authenticated for all the applications registered in GComm (including, hopefully, one or two trivial apps of our own).
3. GComm offers the user a menu of apps (eg: DBManSQL) which are immediately available, eg: Database (GT), Links (GT), set preferences (ours), etc ...

What we have is this ...
1. User logs in to our website via GComm.
2. User goes to DBManSQL -- but is then asked to login.
3. User is returned to GComm to re-authenticate, and only then is able to use DBManSQL.

What we are not sure about is whether we have correctly understood what GComm is for. What we really need is a program which provides authentication services for any application which can be plugged in -- primarily of course the GT apps, but also others.

Here is an example of a trivial app which we will be writing ourselves. Our website uses PHP to insert menus in most of the pages (except of course, the GT apps). The default menu language is english, but we also have menus in other languages which can be selected as a preference by logged-in users. Ideally, that preference would be set in GComm -- and would be implemented by all the GComm apps.

Are we being unrealistic?
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Re: [YoYoYoYo] Purpose of GComm In reply to
Are you sure you installed it properly?

Once the plug in is installed in the remote app, and the remote app is installed into GComm, the log on should occur seamlessly.

I've tried this with links and gforum installs, and it works fine.

I don't have a DBMan install, so either there is a bug in the app interface, or it wasn't installed properly

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Re: [pugdog] Purpose of GComm In reply to
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Are you sure you installed it properly?
No, never sure about anything.

We removed both GComm and DBManSQL, dropped the databases, then re-installed everything. Now it works, just as you say. But we don't know what was wrong in the first place.

So this is what we have now ...
1. User can login either at GComm or in DBManSQL
2. GComm logins leave the users in GComm
3. DBManSQL logins return the user to DBManSQL
4. GComm can pass a language preference to DBManSQL in the URL, eg:

It's looking good.