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Deleted Community

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Deleted Community
Ok I deleted community off my site because it was mucking it up. When people would register they could not get access to the boards without logging in again. The system just wasn't ideal as it sounded. Maybe with a little work it will be. Ultimately I had to re-install my boards a few times because I was told community could not work with a subdomain off the main domain, and that the old users needed to be deleted so that that they could register through community and not the boards.
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Re: [LordStryfe] Deleted Community In reply to
The current version of community doesn't work with installations on different domains (cookie restrictions). However, if it's just a subdomain, you can get around this issue by setting your cookie domain to be .domain.com for all your installations, so that cookies are available to all the subdomains/domains. As for the user issue, that is incorrect, as you should be able to import the users from an existing application into community.

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Re: [brewt] Deleted CommunityHi, In reply to

FWIW, I finally got this working for him. It turned out to be a few things:

1) The users were not "enabled" in the Applications (they existed in GComm, but not both the gforum and glinks databases =))
2) There were some odd users, that were from a Links 2 into GLinks import (the usernames were too long, and also had @ signs in - so were invalid)
3) The passwords seemed to change when creating in GComm - so each user has now gotta do a password reminder, to get their password sent, so they can change it to what they want.

To anyone reading this - you won't have these problems if you setup GLinks + GForum + GComm together to start with - just something worth considering <G>


Andy (mod)
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