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redirect url dropping information upon login

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redirect url dropping information upon login
Hi I've recently purchased dbman sql and have set up Gossamer Community to use with it, and will be adding gForum soon, too.

When attempting to visit my dbman sql page, it redirects you to the community login page, which is what I want it to do for now. But it doesn't keep the name of my database and one of my variables in the url. Users will enter my dbman with this url:


When you visit that page, it redirects you to community with the "db=FishProfiles" and "category=All" and adds "do=home" to the url.

Userrname: Test (capital T)
Password: test (lowercase t)

Is there any way to fix this? "FishProfiles" is my default db so maybe that is why it's dropping that? But "do=home" alone displays no info in the actual body of the page, because I need the added "category=All" to be added in there, as I have the home.html template display info based on the "category=" in the url. I don't know if that's the preferred method of having the program display different data, but I'm new to this and found that it works.

Any ideas how to carry over the full url and not have community strip it down? Thank you!


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Dempsey: Aug 24, 2009, 8:47 PM
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Re: [Dempsey] redirect url dropping information upon login In reply to
Unfortunately, I don't know dbsql at all, but it looks like it might be dbsql that's changing the url to do=home instead of preserving your original url. If you submit a support ticket, we someone should be able to help you with the problem.