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Possible bug on profile update

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Possible bug on profile update
I've enabled the notify the administrator feature when a new user sign up.
When a user updates his own profile he gets an email with a validation link to update the profile. When the user updates the profile, I (the admin) get the notification email like if a new user a signed up... Unsure

However how can I disable the validation email to update the profile of a user and to automatize the update?
The one with Mac OS X Server 10.4 :)
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Re: [maxpico] Possible bug on profile update In reply to
In /private/community.conf I think one of these option affects the feature you want:
'signup_validate_email' => '1',
'signup_notify_admin' => '1',

I did not check, if there is an admin interface option for these config options.
If there is not, you may modify temporarily one directly in community.conf.

I hope this is what you need.

Best regards,

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