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New GMail for existing Community users

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New GMail for existing Community users
I would like to add GMail to an existing userbase managed by Community.

What would be the best way to give existing users a webmail account? The users should be able to choose their own webmail username/domain.

When I add the GMail application to Comunity, a webmail username/domain textbox/select appears in the 'Profile' page. However, when an existing user enters information in there, the information is not saved, and no webmail account is created for them.

New users are handled OK, they can just select their GMail username, and are then auto-enabled in GMail.

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Re: [yogi] New GMail for existing Community users In reply to

You should add the Gossamer Mail application and auto create an account for everybody as community name @ domain. Once they have a Gossamer Mail account, you can let them change their email in the user profile.


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