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Integration w/ 3rd party content management solutions

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Integration w/ 3rd party content management solutions

Has anyone had any luck getting the user database / login abilities to work with any 3rd party solutions? I am using community w/ the gossamer forums --- Looking for a content management solution that will allow for *easy* submition of articles w/ the ability for article moderators to maintain / promote articles to front page etc. I think that links can do this, but playing with it has left me a bit confused and I'm not sure how friendly it would be to end users to submit articles / have moderators control it --- I know there are solutions out there that are built for this purpose from the ground up vs. adapting a directory solution w/ tons of mods, now if I can just mainain the 1 login concept --- Last thing I want to do is find a new forum software as I have messed with others both from the admin and end user side and definately like the Gossamer forums the best from all angles.

Any input appreciated.


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Re: [Nate_1979] Integration w/ 3rd party content management solutions In reply to

To be honest, I've never really had much luck integrating 3rd party stuff into GComm. I tried it one time with a photo gallery script, but couldn't get the cookie/session stuff working quite right.

I've no doubt that its easy when you know how - but I'm afraid I havn't quite worked it out yet <G> (not really had the need to either ;))


Andy (mod)
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