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Comm/Forum Install/Connection Steps

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Comm/Forum Install/Connection Steps
I am either extremely stupid and can't figure it out and I can't find any instructions.

I want to install Community and Forums and connect them together.

I have installed Community into its own directory.

I have installed Forums into its own directory.

How do I connect them? I have found the plugins directory and tried to install them through Community Admin panel. It says that the plugin is retrieved but then never shows up in the uninstalled area...

Thanks for any help!

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Re: [jamiers] Comm/Forum Install/Connection Steps In reply to
If everything is installed correctly you just need to Login to Community Admin
Ø Select > Applications: “Lets you register and manage applications”.
Ø Then select > Add application and Choose the Forum.

Should be done.


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Re: [minesite] Comm/Forum Install/Connection Steps In reply to
I did that, and placed it into the home template... but now... community has 2 registered users and forum does not... how do the users from community get into the fourm automatically? Is there something about the Auth_Community? Where do I run that, if I need to run it at all?
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Re: [jamiers] Comm/Forum Install/Connection Steps In reply to
"and placed it into the home template"

You've lost me, what did you place in the home template ?

From the readme file in your installation directory:

* Local Applications: these are applications that are on the same
physical server, and are on the same domain, or the same top level domain
(i.e. links.domain.com and webmail.domain.com are ok).

If you set AutoCreate to Yes, any user who signs up will automatically be
allowed in to this application. If you set it to No, then the admin will have
to enable this application for a user manually before the user can get in.

Now that you have an application added, the last step is to install the
Auth_Community plugin for that application. The plugin files can be found
in /path/to/community/private/Plugins directory on your server. Once you
install the plugin for that application, all user signup and authentication
functions will be redirected to Community without any template changes.



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minesite: Jul 27, 2004, 3:58 AM
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Re: [minesite] Comm/Forum Install/Connection Steps In reply to
Okay... I am sorry. Let me be a little more specific. You seem to be knowledgeable and I don't want to waste your time.

Here is the steps I went through up to my current time.

(1) Installed community into /community-1.0.2 directory.
(2) Followed the setup instructions via the install script (I can't exactly remember if there was an install script, but there was a page that I filled out to attach to my SQL database.
(3) Installed gforum into gforum-1.2.3.
(4) Followed install instructions to connect it to its own gforum database.
(5) Went to applications in community, added the path with autocreate /path/to/my/area/gforums-1.2.3/admin
(6) It properly shows up in the "applications" portion of the admin screen
(7) Logged in as a user in community. Forums don't show up in the logged in member area.
(8) Editted the home_template in community to link directly to gforums.
(9) Member can now access forums via the community, but are not members there.

This is where I am confused. Should gforum point to my community sql database?

Thanks for helping me out. Would you rather I take this via email instead?

Jamie (not a web site programmer, but a third grade teacher try to learn a bit of this web programming stuff)
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Re: [jamiers] Comm/Forum Install/Connection Steps In reply to
Hi. It sounds like you still need to install the plugins on GForums end. You should be able to do it through Plugins > List All > Auth_Community. Once that is installed, GForum should then know where GCommunity is installed, and the login/signup stuff should all get sent to GComm automatically :)

Hope that helps.


Andy (mod)
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