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[suggestion] expire abandoned usernames

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[suggestion] expire abandoned usernames
We think it would be good (for us) if we had the option to set a time-limit on unused accounts, eg: acounts are deleted if 12 months has elapsed since the last login.

Option 1: notify the users' email address after expiry.
Option 2: warn users two weeks in advance of expiry, so they can do something to avoid it if they want to.
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Re: [YoYoYoYo] [suggestion] expire abandoned usernames In reply to
This should be easy to implement.

The record of last log on should be kept, and a cron job could search for records last accessed in nn days, and send out warning messages and then delete messages.

Andy may be able to modify the expire links program to do this. It would be a nice little plugin, or the start of an admin tools plugin that is community (rather than links/gforum/gmail) based.

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