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[Suggestion] Resync database

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[Suggestion] Resync database
Alex, a Resync database feature would be fine on the Database > Customize Profile page.

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Re: [webmaster33] [Suggestion] Resync database In reply to
Thanks, I'll look at putting that in.


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Resync database In reply to
Is there any way to do a resync manually??
I had to update my database paths and in LSQL I need to resync the database to get it to work; suppose I need to do so in Community as well.

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Re: [gotze] Resync database In reply to
What resync does, is match the .def file, to the database table, for speed and performance reasons.

If the actual table in Links/etc has the same fields as your community database, then you probably don't need to resync. If youve made changes to the tables in Community, you might have to.

When a program like community accesses a database in a remote/associated app, it will fetch that .def file, and as long as that matches the associated database, it should be ok.

If community uses the same routines/libraries as the other SQL apps, you should be able to issue a resync command.

I'm not quite up to speed on community, but I'm getting there. I'll look into this as well as the email headers. It's an option I used to put into my links plugins that used custom tables, and it should be built into our plugins for community as well.

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