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Why do icons not show?

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Why do icons not show?
I wonder if anybody could help us please.

The icon graphics don't show up in FileMan. Everything else works fine, but none of the graphics in the /icons folder show up when I am using the file manager. I have tried to change the permissions and have followed the instructions to upload FileMan closely.

Please help as this has wasted A LOT of our time :)

Thank you very much for providing such a great free script.

Best wishes,
N. Azam

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Re: Why do icons not show? In reply to
You probably have one of the following problems:
1) you don't have the icons uploaded into your server, and if you do, make sure u didn't upload them in ASCII, you must use BINARY

2) you don't have the right link to them in the fileman.cgi script. recheck to make sure that you do. It should be the regular link (http://www.yourdomain.com/images/whatever) not the absolute path.

If you are still having problems once you have checked over these things give me an email and I'll see what I can do.

-Corey Breitfelder