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no icons

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no icons
Okay, I uploaded everything and all is well, with the exception of broken icons. All the icons are uploaded correctly and pointed to correctly in the fileman.cgi file. Any ideas?

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Hey, I have the same problem - brothers in agony :)

The icon graphics don't show up in FileMan. Everything else works fine, but none of the graphics in the /icons folder show up when I am using the file manager. I have tried to change the permissions and have followed the instructions to upload FileMan closely.

Please help as this has wasted A LOT of my time :)

Thank you very much guys for providing such a great free script.

Best wishes,
N. Azam

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Re: no icons In reply to

Neu Verzoigns bzw. -IMAGES-
Schao maine Konf.
Dan geht. 100% !

icondir_url => "http://xxxx.yyy / images
use_flock => 1,
allowed_space => 500,
max_upload => 75,
show_size => 1,
show_date => 1,
show_perm => 1,
show_icon => 1,
show_pass => 1,
version => '1.0'

%icons = (
'gif jpg jpeg bmp' => 'image2.gif',
'txt' => 'quill.gif',
'cgi pl' => 'script.gif',
'zip gz tar' => 'uuencoded.gif',
'htm html shtm shtml' => 'world1.gif',
'wav au mid mod' => 'sound1.gif',
folder => 'folder.gif',
parent => 'back.gif',
unknown => 'unknown.gif'

Viel Glück


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Re: no icons In reply to
Check to make sure that you 1) uploaded the icons in BINARY and not ASCII, and 2) that you have the correct url to them in fileman.cgi.

If you are still having problems send me an email and i'll see what i can do

Corey Breitfelder

Corey Breitfelder