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Fileman Uncompress tool?

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Fileman Uncompress tool?
OK, i have Fileman v3.0 and I have a zip file and a tar file. I can not get the Uncompress tool to show up anywhere.

The help file states:

After clicking on a compressed file format (.zip, .tar, .tar.gz), you'll be brought to a screen that gives you the option to uncompress all or selected files.

  • Select your option in the dropdown menu and if you wish, type in a directory to uncompress to
  • Click 'Uncompress' to extract your selected files [/li][/ul]Note: If no directory is chosen, the selected files will be extracted to whatever directory the compressed file resides in.


    I am not being taken to an screen for uncompressing a file as indicated in the help file. Please give me a clue as to what has gone wrong.

    Thanks, -blake
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    Re: [Blakeman] Fileman Uncompress tool? In reply to

    This is for the paid version? If so, it may be worth emailing GT directly (support @ gt.net) ...and they should be able to help you. Afraid I've never tried doing that before, so can't be of much help (I just do it in SSH if I need to Wink)


    Andy (mod)
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    Re: [Blakeman] Fileman Uncompress tool? In reply to
    Anything in your error logs?

    Do you have Archive::Zip installed?

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    Re: [brewt] Fileman Uncompress tool? In reply to
    Yes it is the paid version, I will have to check on the support...

    I am unfamiliar with the software, so will have to look for the logs and see if I can glean anything from them.

    Thanks, -blakeman