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Help with HYPERMART - Massive Newbie Question

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Help with HYPERMART - Massive Newbie Question
Ahhh i canot get anything to work, or have any idea where to start configuring fileman V1

I have a hypermart account
Its location is

I want to configure filema, but have no idea what specifically the root_dir, logfile, and password_dir are, as these seem weird relative paths with weird slashes, from the unmodified fileman


what is this and how would i modify it to match my directory structure below

root dir contains
1) fileman directory containing fileman.cgi and logfile
2) Icon Directory containing Icons
3) Password Directory
3) Data Directory (Where fileman puts stuff)

Using the above i got

# Configuartion
# --------------------------------------------------------
%config = (
root_dir => '/data1/hypermart.net/mygizmos/data',
logfile => '/data1/hypermart.net/mygizmos/fileman/fileman.log',
password_dir => '/data1/hypermart.net/mygizmos/passwords',
root_url => 'http://mygizmos.hypermart.net',
script_url => 'http://mygizmos.hypermart.net/fileman/fileman.cgi',
icondir_url => 'http://mygizmos.hypermart.net/icons',
use_flock => 1,
allowed_space => 500,
max_upload => 75,
show_size => 1,
show_date => 1,
show_perm => 1,
show_icon => 1,
show_pass => 0,
version => '1.0'

I got the data1 bit off another post on this forum,


but do not understand what it isUnsurePirate, should i replace it with server25 maybe, i dunno, HELPMad

I then CHMOD the
Data Directory => 777
Password Dir => 777
Fileman.cgi => 755
Fileman.log => 666

What am i Doing Wrong



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Re: [nzjrs] Help with HYPERMART - Massive Newbie Question In reply to
What was the information sent to you in your Hypermart welcome email say?

Please don't post your password on this public board, for obvious reasons.

- wil