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CGIWrap Error

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CGIWrap Error
When I install Fileman v2.0 beta on my site I get CgiWrap error: Couldn't find user and script name, check your URL. I try everything to make it work, but without results. So I explain the problem to my web space providers tehnical support, and they fix the problem. Here are the fix, and maybe it can help someone:
- The problem is in the script code, whitch is not adapted to run with Cgi Wrapper.
This can be partly fixed by adding a line in the part of the code witch returned the URL (554. line of file GT/CGI.pm). Don't change the end of line "$prog".
The other problem is that the script uses nonstandard trick (altough it is possible that this is a bug) for hiding the name of called CGI script. Problem is that the same trick is used by CgiWrapper so the trick in the script doesn't work. Because of that clicking on the name of some file in script will result with same CgiWrapp error. But selecting the file by clicking on the check box, and then clicking on the "Edit" works.
That solved my problem and the fileman now works. I'm sorry for the bad english.

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Your ISP should really install CGIwrap so it is transparent (using mod_rewrite). There are several examples at:


As for the "trick", this is used so the browser displays the proper file name when downloading (as some browsers ignore the filename displayed in the header).



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