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validate.db there, but not found?

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validate.db there, but not found?
Recently I moved over my Links2 site to another account as my old account was closed. Everything seemingly works except after I add a URL record, I then use the Admin menu to validate, and I get the following error:

"unable to open validation file: /usr/www/users/svj/thetimes/cgi-bin/admin/data/validate.db. Reason: No such file or directory"

However, the validate.db file does exist in the directory above, and the file permission is set at 666. My links.cfg file looks fine too.

Any suggestions? Thank you!

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Re: validate.db there, but not found? In reply to
Okay...are you on a Windows server or UNIX server?

I have already responded to your duplicate thread in the Links 2.0 Installation - UNIX forum.


Eliot Lee