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questions from a newbie...

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questions from a newbie...
Hi, I'm new to this, and I need almost all the help I can get...

I would like my search engine to be hosted by Hypermart. Does anyone here have any experiences using Links 2.0 with them? Anything I should know?

I'm really confused about what to do with the PATH in the links.cfg. Exactly what do I put there? How do I find out the info for the path of the file?

Finally, how can I change the appearance of the page the results appear on? Which file is that? I was checking out the demo admin that Gossamer posted on their site. It included an edit function for the different pages. Would it be wise for me to just upload the files as is (i.e. straight from the unzipped package), and edit it from the admin section?

Thanks, and sorry if my questions are really dumb...

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look here as example http://www.hypermart.net/support/cgi/board.html
for the system setings for links 2.0.

www.nicky.net/forum german forum for GT Links