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Win NT script problem

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Win NT script problem
I have had Links 2.0 running successfully on Unix for some time now. I recently installed it on Win NT, using IIS 4. I have installed Active Perl and the Perl associations have been made. The path is:


I changed all the *.cgi extensions to *.pl. However, I notice in the Unix installation that there are some *.cgi and some *.pl.

Anyway, when I bring up http://localhost.com/scripts/links/admin/admin.pl, I get the admin page, with two frames, each indicating a 404 error, that the script or page can't be found.

Can someone clarify what I need to do and also, do I have to be using a combination of cgi and pl script extensions. Thanks for your time.

Christopher Adams

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Did you rename the scripts at the bottom of links.cfg?