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Win NT PRIMER for Installation

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Win NT PRIMER for Installation
Finally I got the Links to work on the NT server, I have used it on Unix server for quite some time but had trouble installing it on NT.

Here is what I found the hard way and I had to ask lot of questions to collect this info. Hope it helps

Step 1:
In the FTP server your NT account shosw the paths as /d:/abc/webspace/xyz
But when you put the absolute paths in the Links.cfg then DROP the first slash, your paths should start as d:/abc/webspace/xyz in the above example.

I had problems on the Links.def as one of the fields had 'Contact Name' Win NT was not happy about the space, so I had to put an underline as 'Contact_Name' ( there is another field with a space , fix it up with an underline as well.

Once ready to start building the pages I realised that the write permission for a directory can not be handled by the user as on the unix hosts, for NT you have to contact your web host to provide you write access to the directory where you are going to keep the data and build the pages.

Once I had these 3 steps done correctly , my system was OK.