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Where did my links go?

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Where did my links go?
OK, this one confuses me. I have installed Links, added some links, built all, etc. I get no error messages during the build. The home page shows the correct number of links in each category.

When I click on the category pages, however, they have no links. Where did they go? They are in the database, just don't show in the html. I have not touched the templates.

Am I missing something stupid?


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Re: Where did my links go? In reply to
Search the Links 2.0 support forums for tag problems...Let me guess...you are using Front Page or Dreameaver or another WYSIWYG editor to edit your template files??? Am I right? Am I right? If so, then you should've found Threads by using keywords like Dreamweaver Front Page.

Okay...basically, what you need to check is to make sure that you have the following codes as written ON separate lines:


<%if links%>

Bottom Line: Please search the support forums more thoroughly before posting questions.

Thank you.


Eliot Lee
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Re: Where did my links go? In reply to
Thanks for your help, I'll check the templates. Which, as my post states, I have not touched. With frontpage, dreamweaver, or any other program- WYSIWYG or otherwise. And I did search the database, just apparently not for the right key words.