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Virtualave.net LinksSetup???

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Virtualave.net LinksSetup???
Can someone help with this error?
Error including libraries: syntax error at /home/cannonman/public_html/links/cgi-bin/admin/links.cfg line 154, near "my %months = map { $_ => $i++ } qw!Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Se"
(Might be a runaway multi-line SS string starting on line 136)
syntax error at /home/cannonman/public_html/links/cgi-bin/admin/links.cfg line 166, near "my @months = qw!Jan Feb "
(Might be a runaway multi-line !! string starting on line 143)
syntax error at /home/cannonman/public_html/links/cgi-bin/admin/links.cfg line 172, near "}"

Make sure they exist, permissions are set properly, and paths are set correctly.
I have setup the program precisely as the instructions sayed to, adn I still keep getting errors. Here is my links.cfg url if you want to look at it.
Thanks in advance.
Any suggestions are welcome!