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Verifying Links not working Heeeeeeeelp

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Verifying Links not working Heeeeeeeelp
Error Message : Fatal error: Can't locate object method "netloc" via package "URI::http" (perhaps you forgot to load "URI::http"?) at ................admin/LWP/Parallel/UserAgent.pm line 443, line 1.

I have no clue about this file UserAgent.pm ergo i do not know what the error message means or how to correct it but sure is i have a lot of old dead links in my database and need to clean it all out somehow.

I have never used this "Links verifying" thing until now so i don't know what to do to fix the problem.

Anyone better at this who could point my nose to it??Blush
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Re: [gossy] Verifying Links not working Heeeeeeeelp In reply to
Please verify your server admin has the URI package has been installed on the your server...


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Verifying Links not working Heeeeeeeelp In reply to
Thanks for the response.

I can say the same as what i read from others in various earlier posts, it was working once it doesn't anymore

meaning i tried those two suggestions, uploading the latest Links version and replacing that file in question as well as simply renaming the Validate.pl file.

Both attempts did stop the error message but nothing happened, the browser would just rotate for a while (until the automatic server security time out comes on) and nothing happens, not even a run down in admin.html of at least a few links tested.

I saw brxner's post about a mod for "staggered" run trough this verification process which would probably along the line what i need as my server is configured to stay open only for a few minutes (i also have to build "staggered")

Unfortunately that mod seems to be gone as well as brxner and the info on and around that mod is to confusing for a non cgi wiz like me.

So, a mod is needed that works itself step by step through the database, but in the "resources sector there is no such mod listet either, anyone reading this on this old problem with a solution???

I did start to do this manually, but men it ain't no fun to go through 60 categories and 6500 links!!!!