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Unable to build Pages!?!?!???

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Unable to build Pages!?!?!???
When I try to "Build All" I recieve the following error:

Backing up database . . .
Backing up links, category and email database (File::Copy) ...

Error Message : Unable to copy links backup. Reason: No such file or directory
Script Location : c:\inetpub\wwwroot\cgi-bin\links\admin\nph-build.cgi
Perl Version : 5.006

Any ideas of what I should check to make sure it's all configured correctly? I am running a standard installation of the IIS 5.0 server on Window 2K.

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Re: Unable to build Pages!?!?!??? In reply to
I found my problem :)
I was looking through the other posts and found that I had not done:

"2) Then make sure that your backup directory is the same permission as your data directory."

Now it works!

Now a new problem. I am recieving a new error when building:

Updating New and Popular Records . . .
What's New Cutoff: 14 days
Popular Cutoff: 2 hits
Updating record: 3, marking as new.
Couldn't rename! Had to copy. Strange: Permission denied

Updating ratings ..
Updating rating to 10.00 for link id 3
Couldn't rename! Had to copy. Strange: Permission denied

Any ideas? Is it file permissions again?