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Switching from Unix to Windows?

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Switching from Unix to Windows?
Hi everyone,
I currently run Links 2.0 on a Unix server (hypermart). I am switching over so that i can have my oqn dowmain name, to a new server. However, this server is a Windows server. How do i go about switching over to Windows, and keeping all my data. Anything special i need to know, or watch out for>

New Guy

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Follow advice provided in this forum...in terms of PATHS used in the config file and then read the Threads about setting up file/folder permissions, which is totally different from the UNIX world, and then read advice about password protecting your /cgi-bin/admin/ folder, which most likely will have to be set up by your system administrator since Windows servers is less flexible for users to configure in terms of password protection and file/folder permissions.


Eliot Lee