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Strange 500 error...pls help!

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Strange 500 error...pls help!
I installed (for the first time ever) Links 2.0; when i try to connect to the admin.cgi i get this strange error:
--- ---
500 Server Error

Message: CGI output from c:/pol/leu/cgi-bin/links/admin/admin.pl contained no blank line separating header and data (most likely a broken CGI program)
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I already checked this points:
- I uploaded the files in ASCII mode.
- Other (simpler) perl scripts are working from the same directory (cgi-bin).

The only modification i made is a multi-file search and replace from .cgi to .pl, because i'm not the admin of the server and .pl is the only perl-associated extension.

To complete the informations, the server is O'Reilly WebSite Pro 2.?? on Windows NT.

Thanks in advance,
Wism (Dario Orlandi)

P.S: Sorry for the bad english...