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I have a links 2 installation that has suddenly started acting very strange. Its been installed and working on a w2k server about six months. I am not the sole administrator for the server and maybe its due to something somelse has done but now I get the error "Error including libraries: Can't locate admin/links.cfg" when I click on any of the links or run any of the cgi's in the scripts dir. Admin.cgi works fine and every thing builds no problem. Also, if I move jump.cgi from scripts to scripts/admin it works? Very strange. I've checked the permissions lots of times. Obviously the admin dir is password protected but the execute permissions are the same.

So, cgi's work in admin directory but not in scripts dir, whats that about? Driving me mad Crazy
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This may be caused by that the admin dir is not the subdirectory of the script dir. Have you change the relative path to the real path in cgi files in the script dir?

Hope this helps



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