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Server Problem?
I have just installed links 2 on a Win NT4 server with IIS on an Intranet in order to load the database off-line. Thanks to information from Bobsie and Heckler posted on Forum it has worked like a dream.

We are however just stuck with a wee problem - To which I cannot find an answer on the forum.

When you use a browser (IE6) and click on a category it switches to the next directory and not the index.html.

All permissions are set to full - open and directory browsing is allowed.

My network guy says it's a programme problem and states: "If you don't specify a default doc and dont have dir browsing turned on....you wont get a htm file displayed."

Can someone enlighten me???
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Re: [saffy] Server Problem? In reply to
The problem has been solved - This is not a Links problem - hence why the answers posted on previous threads would not work.

The simple answer was that IIS was not authorised to use index.html files.

Do you know what Network guys cost!!!
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Re: [saffy] Server Problem? In reply to
Hm.. generally $100 and up an hour Smile That's why you should learn to help yourself and join in on the wealth.

IIS sucks anyway... Tell you admin to dump it and get Apache.

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Re: [King Junko II] Server Problem? In reply to
Hmm Alex recommended IIS over Apache on Windows....ack.