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opendir command not working

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opendir command not working
Whenever one of my PERL CGIs tries to run the opendir command, the CGI haults and no errors are displayed.

I have this problem with a test CGI I created and with DBMan and Links. I have all of these working on my workstation with PWS running and at home with NT Server.

My ISP has said that they have the NT permissions setup the same as what I have here but it is still not working on there end. Any ideas on things I could have them look into? I have been working with them for over a month trying to get this figured out. I believe they are using PERLIS.


Jen McNitt
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Any ideas on things I could have them look into?

Check to make sure that your Hosting Company is using the recent build of Perl...500503 with all the modules installed.


Eliot Lee....
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* Check Resource Center
* Search Forums