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Verifying links problems

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Verifying links problems
I've installed links, and everything but verify links seems to be working fine. When I verify links - quick I get the following error.

Can't locate links.cfg in @INC (@INC contains: c:\perl\lib c:\perl\site\lib .) at
mysite/admin\nph-verify.cgi line 33. BEGIN
failed--compilation aborted at mysite\admin\nph-verify.cgi
line 39. HTTP/1.0 200 OK Content-type: text/html Error Loading System Libraries. Reason: Can't
locate links.cfg in @INC (@INC contains: c:\perl\lib c:\perl\site\lib .) at
mysite\admin\nph-verify.cgi line 33.

Any ideas?

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Re: Verifying links problems In reply to
Try changing the permissions of nph-verify.cgi to the following:

If you have physical access to your NT:

IWAM\MACHINE_NAME = Read, Execute, Write, Delete

Everyone = Read
Your Account = Full Control

If you only have FTP access, then set the following permissions:

Owner: Read, Write, Execute
Group: Read, Execute
Everyone: Read

Hope this helps.


Eliot Lee
Founder and Editor
Anthro TECH, L.L.C
Coconino Community College
Web Technology
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Re: Verifying links problems In reply to
Thanks. I'll give it a try.
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Re: Verifying links problems In reply to
Hello again mj,
And hello Elliot,
Let us get one thing straight... If you are on an NT or NT IIs server, most lkely you will have to do alot of reconfiguration to the scripts to get working properly. No servers are ever truly equal, but the logic of unix may not apply and usually doesnt, for one. On your nph-verify around line 38 there is a requirement path for your links.cfg, make it the full server path... NT usually has a prob with direct paths. in other words:

instead of /admin/links.cfg ... most likely needs to be :

I think if i get all this stuff straightened out, i am goin to write a short page on the difference with links 2.. Unix vs. NT Smile

hope this helps. I answered your other question on this forum. If you need any further info... Please contact me. I set up this program and have it running on multiple NT and Unix servers and have not had a prob since I have figured out NT is handling Links...

Also, word of wisdom... Some of the mods in the resource section are more for unix than NT unless you have it set up with .htaccess files and some other needs like cron which are typically Unix stuff. So dont beat your brains in if something doesnt work.. Most of these niceties can be added in different ways.


Chris Chase
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Re: Verifying links problems In reply to
Thanks Chris,

I found that I have to supply full paths when I was setting up the links.cfg file (trial and error). I will give it a try.

Love the program, but I am not real good with code (yet-working on it).