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Common Error?
I have installed 3 cgi scripts in my whole life.
All on the same server.
This time ive tried links2.1
With a silly error.
The file admin.cgi will not open in my browser!
I have 2 machines and one askes me to open or save as
if i open i look at the source code.if i save i get the file on my harddrive.

This is problly a really easy problem to fix is it virtualave?
Do they let this script intall?
Help Please
Linda riley

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Re: Common Error? In reply to
Try opening that file in notepad. What does it say? Chances are you have a path set incorrectly or perhaps forgot to set permissions on a file. You also might want to contact one of the installers in the resources section. Some installers work for free, but you usually get what you pay for!

Good Luck!

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Re: Common Error? In reply to
Virtual Avenue does not run on a Windows platform... However, if you are in fact on a Windows server, make sure your administrator has associated both .cgi and .pl file extensions with perl.exe.

And no, VirtualAvenue does not allow this script to be used ( it falls under there 'automated linking system' category ).

Happy Coding,