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Building Pages-CGI Error

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Building Pages-CGI Error
I am new and have just installed Links 2.0. I was able to install, add a new categoy, and add a new site, but when I try t build a page it does not go all the way through and I get a CGI error. This is what it looks like:
Links Manager: Building Pages
Building Pages
Pages built on 30-Jun-1999 at 18:39:44

Backing up database . . .
Backing up links, category and email database (File::Copy) ...

Building URL Index . . .

Updating New and Popular Records . . .
What's New Cutoff: 14 days
Popular Cutoff: 2 hits
Updating record: 1, marking as new.

Updating ratings ..

Loading Category Information . . .

Gathering Category and Link information . . .

Building Home Pages . . .
Subcategories: 0
Total Links: 1
Opening page: /pages/index.html

Error Message : unable to open home page: /pages/index.html. Reason: No such file or directory
Script Location : nph-build.cgi
Perl Version : 5.00502

Form Variables

Environment Variables


I have created a pages/index.html page, but it is just a blank page. Do I need to do something to this page. Do I need to edit nph-build? Please help.
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Didi you try to chmod 666 for your permission on this file index.html ?
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Re: Building Pages-CGI Error In reply to
Since you are on a Windows server, you need to make sure that the permissions of the directory where the LINKS pages are generated are the following:

Owner: Read, Write, Execute
Everyone: Read, Write, Execute
Group: Read, Write, Execute


Wrong set of permissions.


Eliot Lee
Anthro TECH,L.L.C