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Problem Adding links and categories

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Problem Adding links and categories

This is my first post here..

I've got a problem with my setup somewhere, most of the time when you try to add a link, category, modify a link or category or delete a link or category the admin.cgi seems to choke on the category list. This seems to be a system specific problem as I set up a mirror on my UNIX server and it handled the 300+ categories I have with no problems. I do however need this to work on my NT server, not on unix.

Just wondring if anyone had some ideas on why this might be happening..

XP Pro setup as a server

running Apache 2.0.36

256 megs ram P2


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Re: [Demonic_1] Problem Adding links and categories In reply to
what speed is the P2?

You really should downgrade Apache to a pre-2.0 version. I recall Alex saying Apache 2.0 isn't quite ready for production usage yet.

are you watching the processes? hit control-alt-delete, and that will bring up the processes monitor. go to the second tab, and sort by cpu usage or memory consumption and that could help locate a runaway process, which you can usually kill from a right-click option.

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Re: [sponge] Problem Adding links and categories In reply to
Wink Great thanks... I went back to apache 1.3.24 and now it runs like a dream...

Thanks again..