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Permissions issue on NT

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Permissions issue on NT
I did a seacrh but didnt find this exact problem. Im usually comfortable with UNIX and Perl, but in NT im an idiot. Anyway...

Heres the sitch.
In reflecting a www /links directory for the links pages, I get an unable to write permission denied error. The directory AND index.shtml are CHMOD 777

I CAN and have changed the display pages dir to a cgi-dir one. That allows the build, BUT then (apart from security) it then refuses to allow visitors to view any page not directly called. IOW, if the link is /NEW/ then you get a viewable permission denied, BUT if you were to link or type in New/index.shtml it works. As the BUILD feature does NOT add the page names to the links it means it doesnt proved vieable links by default.

So, anyhow...
The real problem when all is said.

Why is it NOT gaining permission to write to the www dir and files when they are modded to 777?
This is NT and I really havent a clue why as this has never occured on UNIX for me.

Is it some "other" permission that is preventing it (perhaps required of the host themselves?
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Re: [Whytewulv] Permissions issue on NT In reply to
I'm also a bit of a newbie on Perl and NT/Windows, but I think you have to get your host to change the permissions on the file.

Andy (mod)
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Re: [Whytewulv] Permissions issue on NT In reply to
The reason you cannot view /NEW/ but you can view /NEW/index.shmtl is because IIS needs to be told that index.shtml is a default document, otherwise it thinks your trying to browse the directory which is probably not allowed. If you dont have access to IIS then you could change the default document extention to be .htm

As you probably know, NT permissions work differently to UNIX, you can chmod directories, you need to give different users different permissions. What you want to do is give Internet usrs the right to view the pages and give the system account full control of the links dir.

Hope this helps.