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Migration links 2,0 UNIX To NT

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Migration links 2,0 UNIX To NT
I have migrated links 2.0: UNIX to NT.

I have put the correct path in links.cfg
d:/kxksk/html/etc, etc,

I have changed the extension of the archives .cgi to .pl

But with the permissions I have problems because I cannot change them via FTP.

In this server I have access to a Control Panel. In this control panel I can change the permissions of the directories but not to the archives.
The options that I have in this Control Panel are:
1, Reading
2, Write
3, Scripts execution
4, .exe execution.

As they are equivalences of the permissions for links 2,0 with this Control Panel?
777 = ?
666 =?
In other words, with the options of this Control Panel, as I must put permissions to links 2.0?

In general everything works fine, except search.pl (search.cgi). It generates this error:

Error Message : Error [search.cgi]: Unable to open search log file. Reason: Permission denied
Script Location : D:\xvrt\mysite.com\web\cgi-bin\links\search.pl
Perl Version : 5.006

What is the problem???

Also I have doubts on like protecting the directory admin. Somebody knows like doing this?

And finally I have problems with SSI, how to use SSI in NT??

Thanks for all & sorry for my pooooor english.

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Re: Migration links 2,0 UNIX To NT In reply to
chmod is a UNIX function!

You need to ask your hosting company to change the directory/file permissions to the appropriate READ, WRITE, EXECUTE, DELETE depending on which file or directory it is.

File permissions for NT has been discussed MANY times in this forum.


Eliot Lee