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Install Tips
Well I finally got Links 2.0 up and running. I had a few problems and felt quit stupid for having them once I found out what was wrong. So here are a few things to help other out when installing the program.

1. Just go ahead and change all reference to .cgi to .pl Many NT server only recognize .pl

2. Make sure that in links.cfg you set your paths like so e:/inetpub/wwwroot/yourdomain/links
and not

3. Check, recheck and check once more to make sure that when modifing the templates that your code is right. I slipped up and did <head> where it should have been </head> and thought the program messed up and would not print anything.

Well I know most of this is real simple stuff but after reading 95% of the posts here it seems that these are some common mistakes. Hey if you need help installing (not modifing) the program lemme know at company_mail@yahoo.com