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Category field?
I'm usuing links 2, on Win98
I managed to get my browser to show the add site CGI, but from some reason it doesnt show me the category field and instead it says: "error building select field: no select fields specified in config for field 'Category'!"

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Uri
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Re: Category field? In reply to
This is a basic Perl question...


What you need to do is add the following codes in your sub site_html_add_form and sub site_html_add_failure routines:

my $category = shift;
my $clean_category = &build_clean($category);
$category ?
($category = qq~$clean_category <input type=hidden name="Category" value
="$category">~) :
($category = &build_select_field ("Category", "$in{'Category'}"));

Then define this variable/tag as follows:

Category => $category,

And then use the following tag in your add.html and add_error.html files:


If that doesn't work, then you may have inadvertanly changed the variable of $db_file_name in your links.def file. You need to have the following codes in your links.def file:

$db_file_name = $db_links_name;

Also, make sure that you have properly referenced the $db_links_name in the links.cfg file.

And these suggestions don't work...then you have probably NOT added categories or links into your links.db and categories.db file.

You need to first add some categories and then add some links in the admin.cgi script in order for the category select field to appear.



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