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Cann't access admin.cgi

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Cann't access admin.cgi
When I try to access my admin.cgi it just wants to download which I did and the following is whats in it.
Error including libraries: Can't locate d:/html/users/tassienetcom/html/cgi-bin/admin/db.pl in @INC (@INC contains: d:\html\users\tassienetcom\html\cgi-bin\admin C:\Perl\5.00502\lib/MSWin32-x86-object C:\Perl\5.00502\lib C:\Perl\site\5.00502\lib/MSWin32-x86-object C:\Perl\site\5.00502\lib C:\Perl\site\lib .) at d:\html\users\tassienetcom\html\cgi-bin\admin\admin.cgi line 28.

Make sure they exist, permissions are set properly, and paths are set correctly.

I no the files are there and the paths right I checked with the ISP I am not sure of the permissions.Below is the section of the link.cfg with the relative paths.
# Paths and URL's to Important Stuff
# --------------------------------------------------------
# PATH and URL of Admin CGI directory. No Trailing Slash.
$db_script_path = "/html/users/tassienetcom/html/cgi-bin/admin";
$db_dir_url = "http://www.tassienet.com/cgi-bin/admin";

# URL of User CGI directory. No Trailing Slash.
$db_cgi_url = "http://www.tassienet.com/cgi-bin";

# PATH and URL of Pages to be built. No Trailing Slash.
$build_root_path = "/html/users/tassienetcom/html";
$build_root_url = "http://www.tassienet.com";

# PATH and URL of What's New page. No Trailing slash.
$build_new_path = "$build_root_path/New";
$build_new_url = "$build_root_url/New";

# PATH and URL of What's Cool page. No Trailing slash.
$build_cool_path = "$build_root_path/Cool";
$build_cool_url = "$build_root_url/Cool";

# PATH and URL of What's Rating page. No Trailing slash.
$build_ratings_path = "$build_root_path/Ratings";
$build_ratings_url = "$build_root_url/Ratings";

Can you help me because I just cann't figure out whats wrong.

By the way the server is NT with IIS4.0

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Re: Cann't access admin.cgi In reply to
First, the obvious question. Is db.pl in the d:/html/users/tassienetcom/html/cgi-bin/admin directory?

Was it uploaded as ASCII?

Does this need the leading "d:" on it?

$db_script_path = "/html/users/tassienetcom/html/cgi-bin/admin";

If so, then $build_root_path will also need it.

I hope this helps.