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Build Pages is over-writing my links.db

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Build Pages is over-writing my links.db
I am at a loss... I have 143 records, @ 100 of which I am trying to change to be considered "new." To do this quickly, I simply did a find/replace in a text editor on the links.db file. After saving and uploading the new links.db file, I can go into the links admin section and view one of the modified records. In this view, it reflects the change and shows that it is in deed a "new" record.


When I select build all, the dialog shows that no "what's new" pages are created. Furthermore, when you open links.db - it is the old version...

At first, I thought it was something with my FTP program - maybe a cached version or something, so I tried using file man. With each (ftp and fileman) - I attempted editing the file on the fly (pasting the new info and saving), and then I tried deleting the file and uploading the new (and resetting the permissions). Neither way has worked... Everything results in nothing being created in the "what's new" section and the links.db being written over with the old version.

What am I doing wrong?
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A link can only be new if the DATE is within the time period you specified in links.cfg. If you'd like to change the status of a link back to new, just change the date.

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