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Build All - Build Pages Error

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Build All - Build Pages Error
I am able to set up and run Links 2.0 on my NT Server with

Apache, add links, add categories but cannot BUILD ALL from the

Admin Panel. When I try to run BUILD ALL, I get Internal Server Error. When I go to the shell and run nph-build.cgi, LINKS

makes the page!!?? All other features ; search, pages, etc work

from html/web browser. Any help from one of you veterans would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: [ddevine] Build All - Build Pages Error In reply to
Sounds like you are on UNIX? Unimpressed

Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Build All - Build Pages Error In reply to
No, I'm on NT, running Apache 2.0. I looked over my config and reviewed all the files. Looks like
along with a few others have to have the Perl path changed.

I changed the Perl Path to my NT setting and it worked. But after I looked over things, I saw that add.cgi had the default path of #!/usr/local/bin/perl and it works with modification??!!

So, while I have it working now, could you explain why I had to change the path on nph-build.cgi, but add.cgi worked with old path?Shocked
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Re: [Resedit] Build All - Build Pages Error In reply to
That's because Windoze will, under certain conditions, use file association to work out where Perl is.

Apache can be configured to override this behaviour or not. It pays to be consistent and always change the shebang to #!/Perl/bin/perl (or whatever).