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"isPopular:" has pooped out...HELP!

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"isPopular:" has pooped out...HELP!
We've installed Gossamer Threads 2.0 on our website using the Snap interface. We're hosted on a WinNT server. The "Pop" feature worked the first day or two, but now it doesn't. It doesn't add the "Pop" script at the end of a listing when you verify a new link or when you try to modify an entry, even though the isPopular form selection is changed to "yes". The isNew feature works just fine.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this???

We've substantially changed the custom Snap interface to match the look-n-feel of our site, but I don't think the problem is there because one of the original entries has retained the "Pop" script through numerous rebuilds. I believe the problem is in one of the scripts.

The URL for our links page is www.lenon.com/links/pages if you want to take a look at the results. Only one of the links has the "Pop" script - the one in the "What's Cool" section. HELP!!!


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