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"Validate a Resource" Problem

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"Validate a Resource" Problem
The problem is with the "Add A Resource" functionality.

When I go to "Validate" a resource added through the admin page, it tells me the link was NOT VALIDATED - specifically:

Error Message : Unable to send addition message. Reason:
Script Location : D:\\links\cgi-bin\admin\admin.cgi
Perl Version : 5.00503

Form Variables
12 : validate
Category-12 : Games
Contact Email-12 : tmaltos@interland.com
Contact Name-12 : Terry
Date-12 : 16-Oct-2000
Description-12 : asfasdfasdf
Hits-12 : 0
ID-12 : 12
Rating-12 : 0
ReceiveMail-12 : Yes
Title-12 : test 12
URL-12 : http://digitalmedusa.com
Votes-12 : 0
db : links
isNew-12 : No
isPopular-12 : No
reason-12 : Your link:


that was submitted on 16-Oct-2000 has been rejected

for one of the following reasons:

1. Unsuitable content.

2. Duplicate URL.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

DragonBerry Manager


You know, the standard message.

HOWEVER - although it tells me it's not Validated, I can build pages again and the link shows up!

Another problem I'm having is with sending out the mail. I have the smtp set to the proper setting but it just won't send.

If anyone can point me to the specific pieces of script that perform these functions - maybe I can troubleshoot them.
If anyone has had these same problems, please let me know how *you* fixed them.

Thanks again everyone for this great resource.