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links not found

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links not found
The script isn't locating any of the links. I've tried a test link and category and i'm having problems with both. I can add the link, verify it. And when I use the search and it pops up the link the link is a dead end. please feel free to look at the site http://www.bloodyday.com/pages
(search for smeak)
i've had to re chmod the files for some reason which took care of a previous problem. It may be that I don't know how to chmod a directory, just files. In linux by chmod 777 (directory) I get an error. So I chmod the files which reside inside. Also... When you creat a new category it seems as though it's linking it to my wwwfiles but it's not building the folder. You can view that on the site also. I appreciate the time given


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As discussed before, you need to re-build your directory for the url.db file to be updated. This is the file that jump.cgi uses to redirect to URLs of links in your database.


Eliot Lee