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hlpe mmmmmmmmmmmmme please!!

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hlpe mmmmmmmmmmmmme please!!
can any one solve my problem?
i upload all the files as per the insruction came in the readme file but when i put
the URL for my admin.cgi, it is downloading the admin.cgi to my computer what shall i do?
help me please
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Re: hlpe mmmmmmmmmmmmme please!! In reply to
As discussed MORE THAN ONCE in this Forum...check the following:

1) Perl path is correct in the first line.

2) Absolute path to the links.cfg in the require line is correct.

3) $db_script_path is set correctly to the absolute path where your library scripts (links.cfg, db_utils.pl, etc.) are located.

4) The permission of the admin.cgi is set to 755 (rwxr-xr-x).

5) That you have uploaded all your files in ASCII Mode with no ^M at the end of lines.

In the future, please search the forum and also check out the FAQs in the Resource Center before posting questions.

Thank you.


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