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can't browse links result due to "can't increment error"

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can't browse links result due to "can't increment error"
Hi there!

I had a lots of permission errors after installing links. I had tested links in free hosting like virtual ave and it works fine. However, installing in a real server gave me an head ache. heres the error.

Error: Can't increment counter file. Reason: Permission denied

Again what file this error is pointing? I already chmod all data, backup and templates files to 666 right. what else went wrong? the admin and search.cgi and all the cgi/s is working already however when tries to search for an keyword and then I click the result I just can't browse the said results links from LINK 2.0. btw, i checked also the actually webpage of some of the results links and it is working.


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Re: can't browse links result due to "can't increment error" In reply to
make sure all the files in the /data/ directory are chmod 666.


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