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basic installation problem?

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basic installation problem?
I have installed links2 and I can reach the admin.cgi file. Everything seems to be fine,
I can add,delete,view and modify. When I "build all" a page comes up saying it's
verified all the links. I guess that is ok.
When I use the search.cgi; the links along with the category are displayed.
The problem is when I click on the category link. I get an error message that there is
no page. When I look in the pages directory, there are no pages accept a
background.gif file and the links.css file.
When I click on the link, I get a can't find the ID number(#)error. When I first added
the link there was a progressive ID number given to each link. When I "link view" by
the ID number only;the information is shown.
What do I have to do to get it working right?
Also very basic.
How do you exchange your existing site index file to display the "Home" page? I have
tried renaming the home page to index, and then copying it over the site index file,
and then have gone to the site; it's just blank.
Any information would be appreciated.
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Re: basic installation problem? In reply to
Make sure the directory you are trying to build the links into has a permission of 777.

CGI Script Installation Center
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Re: basic installation problem? In reply to
   The permissions are all set as per the installations file.
Iv'e also tried setting the permissions to 777 on all the directories one at a time, and kept building/checking for pages. Nothing seems to work, to built pages.
I have rated some of the links, and there are files in that directory. But when I try to view that top rated page there is nothing to see. It's got to be something else.