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What's wrong?
I am trying to build my pages and I keep getting this error. What is causing the . next to NEW? I look at the scripts and there is nothing I see wrong. I have not edited the scripts either, just installed them.

Building What's New Page . . .
CGI Error:
Message: invalid directory name: /data1/hypermart.net/kidsonline/kidsearch/New. Reason: contains illegal characters.

Also, when I go to the main page and click on oneof the subtopics, it gives me a 404. Why isn't it making the directories?

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Re: What's wrong? In reply to

I believe your problem lies in your path.

You have the path as....


Your path should be without the extension '.net'

As far as the server thinks, it doesnt need the '.net' to know you directory.

The error is being created from the period in that path.

So make this the path...


This would be in your config gile, so anywhere you put paths you should leave off the .net extension, NOT thoguh when it wants a URL you would have the '.net'

Take it out and let us know what happens.

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Re: What's wrong? In reply to
I work for HyperMart, you need the hypermart.net there... That is how we have setup our user home files.
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Re: What's wrong? In reply to
yes, you need the ".net" in there as it is part of the directory name.

What you need to do is check out the faq question regarding the illegal characters error, and specifically the paragraph dealing with hypermart Smile


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